When the Gypsy Joynt Cafe was in Great Barrington, Ma

The Gypsy Joynt of Great Barrington, Massachusetts had been featured in lists of top small live music venues worldwide by some pretty notable publications.  The sleepy Berkshire streets hardly seem the place to house a live music institution in Western Mass, but the second you walk into the Gypsy Joynt you know you’ve found yourself in the right place.
This was their website for a number of years.
Content is from the site's archived pages.

Their new website for the Gypsy Joynt which now located at 2711 Market Street Galveston, TX, 77550, is found at: http://www.gypsyjoynt.com/. Check it out.



Gypsies move on: The Joynt to close its doors

By Emily Edelman Friday, Apr 15
Great Barrington — After six years in the Berkshires, the gypsies are moving on. The Weller clan, proprietors of the Gypsy Joynt at 293 Main St. across the intersection from Railroad Street, has decided to relocate the restaurant down to Galveston, Texas, the hometown of co-owner Lori Weller. Gypsy Joynt will close its doors on Sunday, April 24.

“What made the decision was our lease is up,” said Weller, “so we decided to make it another gypsy move and pack up.”

Though the Joynt’s final business day is just over a week away, Weller said the decision to close was not made lightly. “This has been a great town. We’ve been well received. Everybody has been like extended family here. I feel wrong in a lot of ways on leaving, but I just have to go home. It’s like my wanderlust is over.”

At the time of its 2009 move to the Berkshires, the Weller family –– consisting then of co-owners Keith and Lori, their five children, a grandchild, and a son-in-law –– had spent 10 years operating a restaurant in North Carolina. The gypsies had set up shop on Old Stockbridge Road across from the K mart plaza, where the Meat Market is now. Weller said the decision to try Massachusetts was “an Arlo Guthrie groupie kind of thing.” After her son Jordan’s first pop concert, Weller thought it was important for him to learn about folk and roots music. She took him to see a Guthrie family concert, after which he learned to sing and play the guitar and wanted to visit the Guthrie Center. Of her first time in Great Barrington, Weller said she “sat on a bench and watched the town for hours. We were moving our restaurant in town in North Carolina and decided ‘why not just move it where we really like?’

Two years later, in April of 2011, the Wellers moved their homestyle cooking and funkelic sensibility to downtown Great Barrington, to the center of town on Main Street and to far larger quarters where they established a popular restaurant and music scene. And the family had grown to include a daughter-in-law  and two more grandchildren, all of whom will be making the trek to Texas.

“Everything has to be packed,” said Weller. “We have five apartments. We have a restaurant full of stuff.”

The Wellers’ other business, the Gypsy Joynt Clothing Co., will also be relocated to Texas. A third Weller venture, the barcade on Bridge Street known as the Gypsy Joynt Jive, closed its doors in November after being open just a year and a half. Weller said it was hard to keep up with two businesses so similar in nature.

In addition to giant cinnamon buns and a cozy hippie vibe, the Gypsy Joynt is known for its eclectic live music nights. “Leaving the music is going to be one of the hardest things. The bands are like family to us.” The Joynt’s last weekend will include performances from Highland on Thursday, April 21; Wes Buckley and the Chums on Friday, April 22, and Lovan on Saturday, April 23. As for whether or not a major event is planned for the final night, Jordan Weller said, “I’m going to do something. I might do it pizza party-style. It’ll probably be a bunch of bands all day.”




Back to Great Barrington, Massachusetts

The Gypsy Joynt Cafe is where it all started, it's the backbone of our Family Empire. 

Welcome to The Gypsy Joynt Cafe!

We offer the finest, freshest, and most creative, mouth watering pizzas, sandwiches, salads, pastas, and burgers this side of the moon!! You can start at the top of the menu and bounce from item-to-item, eating something different everyday for months! Oh!…and don’t forget your balls!! You must try our delicious cakes rolled up into balls and dipped in good-ol’ chocolate! What about our cookies?! Boy, do we have cookies!! What a variety! Here at the Gypsy Joynt Cafe, we also have the creamiest, most lucious tiramisu, and the richest, most decadent brownie!! From the veggie wedgie sandwich to a “sell your soul” chocolate cookie, you can’t go wrong at the Gypsy Joynt!

Now for the crew, we are all owners, cooks, bakers, sandwich makers, singers, dishwashers, babysitters, real go-getters..well, sometimes…hmm, not so much! Oh and I forgot to mention, we are FAMILY! Come in and you will find bright, cheery, smiling faces!…well, sometimes….no, not so much. There’s a bull peering through the kitchen window..WAIT!..that’s Keith, the father and head of us all. Don’t worry, his snort is worse than his charge. Although the bull makes the best pizzas and breads EVER..he would be no where without momma! She tames the bull!! Not only does she keep us red heads in line but she has taught us all how to cook from the heart!! We have learned that momma’s main ingredient is none other than…common sense! From Texas style chili and chicken and sausage gumbo to the most delicious italian lasagna and spaghetti, there’s always something she’s cookin’ up in the kitchen! The local high tech community became avid fans of The Joynt. The coders, developers, big data and DevOps consultants are always among the crowd and the most enthusiastic supporters. Something about the mix of tech and music just seems to be working here as everywhere. The Big Think is a local band made up of techies - and they already have a following among the regulars.

There is never a dull moment at “The Joynt.” Come and experience for yourself live music, starring not only musicians from all over the globe but also our friends and neighbors from right here in Great Barrington, MA. We are here not only to serve great food and host creative talents but also to just HAVE FUN!! This is not just a job to us…it’s our lifestyle. So whether you are looking to have a sweet indulgence, a kick-in-the-mouth kinda meal or just to relax and enjoy the show…the Gypsy Joynt is here to serve. We are your escape to a new kind of wonderland.
We Take Master Card, VISA and Discover:







FRIDAY 11 AM - 12 PM





Don't forget to check out The Gypsy Joynt Clothing Company in the rear of 268 Main Street, across the street and down the block in Great Barrington.


“I remember the first day we opened our restaurant.  It was Feb. 21st, 2002 in a small town south of Raleigh, NC.  I was sixteen years old and was excited about the entire process.  I remember tying my waitress apron on, pulling up my hair and listening to Daddy give us all a pep talk.  We were minutes away from opening the doors to the public for the very first time.  Strangers and friends were about to sit at our dining room tables and witness exactly what our mom had been feeding us since we were babies.  From juicy layered burgers to piled high pasta dishes, our mom has the ability to stop someone in their tracks!  It’s her superpower.  With one bite she can silence an entire table.  Our adventure started on that day.  Little did we know that the journey would bring us this far.  We, as a family, have shared our lives and our passion for food and family with over 500,000 people and we couldn’t be more grateful.”- Kaitlin

” It’s not just a job.  Nor is it just a restaurant.  The Gypsy Joynt is our home.  It’s where we eat three meals a day, it’s where we raise our children, it’s our music venue, our conference room, our school house, our office, our runway.  The Gypsy Joynt is a collaboration of  ideas and creativity that runs through my family and is eventually scattered throughout the premises.  Every move we make, we make together…and we do it at the Gypsy Joynt.’ - Jordan

” People come into the cafe all of the time, stop at the door and just stare. It’s fun to watch.  We never know what they are thinking but we could definitely imagine! 95% of them decide to proceed to the menus but there are a handful of people who don’t get us.  And that’s totally fine.  We aren’t your typical restaurant.  We have said many times that we are our own kind of wonderland.  We stand strong in everything we do.  We like keeping people curious.  From the decorations hanging all over, the potent smell of cinnamon rolls lingering by the front door, to the jingling sound of our many accessories as we carry your food to you… there is always something to grab your attention.  It’s kind of like dinner and a show, even when there’s no one on our stage.” – Merry


” I never would have imagined my life turning out this way.  At first the Weller family was a bit intimidating to me.  I had spent over 6 years in the U.S. Air Force living by the book.  When I married Kaitlin my life did a complete 180!  The Weller’s don’t do anything by the book.  They literally take the restaurant by the horns and demand the attention that they very well deserve.  I’m proud to be a part of such a wonderful family and such a magical experiment!  There aren’t many people who get the opportunity to work with their family.  I enjoy every bit of it.  I have been transformed and I’ve never eaten so well!” – Ryan

Tell the Weller family that something isn’t possible and they will, in time, make it happen. ” Sept. 2009 we were evacuated from our building.  We had a very successful business going in a small town in NC.  People were coming from all over to witness our mother’s creations, to hear our brother perform, to inhale my desserts and more importantly to watch us operate as a family.  We were at the peak of our business, so we thought.  And things couldn’t be making us any happier.  In early Sept. we decided to apply for a beer & wine license in hopes of serving drinks to our dinner/music crowd. In mid-Sept. our landlord let us know we weren’t welcome any longer and that we needed to take our new “alcohol idea” somewhere else.  We spent the next two weeks searching for nearby restaurant locations. Nothing seemed to fit.  We made phone calls, set up appointments, negotiated and eventually decided as a family to go north. We naturally chose Great Barrington, MA.  It had been our vacation spot, our place to escape to for many years.  It was an easy decision.  In early Oct. the boys flew up and scoped out the area.  To make a long story short…they found a place!  

On October 31st, 2009 we started what we called ” a very gypsy move”. We loaded up three households and a restaurant and, like a caravan, drove out of the small town.  Not only were we grateful for the support we had from our customers but we were also anxious for what was ahead. A sense of freedom.  With $40,000 in a zip lock bag and twelve mouths to feed we began setting up shop and nestling into our new town.  We were given the run around by town officials and dealing with residential landlords for the first time in a long time and by the end of November we were out of money.  

During one of the worst times of the economy we decided to move to a different state, open another restaurant and try to start all over.  We were back at the bottom!   After being told that it would take at least six months to open, on Dec. 10th 2009 we had no choice but to fire up the oven and turn on the music.  We were broke and ready to get started.  We pulled together everything we had and made it happen.  The paint on the walls was still fresh and the “order here” sign was being hung when our dad finally unlocked the doors.  

For the first two weeks we sat at the tables in the windows to make people believe that we had customers.  We did everything we could to persuade our new towns people to enter our little restaurant and take a bite out of the magic.  We gave it our all and one-by-one our seats started filing up, we were adding more tables and we were allowed to relax a little.  We have fallen in love with Great Barrington and consider it or home. We are called the “Gypsy Joynt” because of our crazy “gypsy” move.  The move that made us stronger.  We can do anything when we stick together.” -Kaitlin

Remember, we as a family, cook here & eat here.




We are now serving a variety of specialty coffee drinks.  Our Cafe opens at 11 in the morning so start your day with us with a cappucino and one of our delicious made-from-scratch muffins.

  8 Oz 12 Oz 16 Oz
Drip Coffee 1.25 1.50 1.75
Latte 2.75 3.25 3.75
Cafe Au Lait 2.30 2.65 3.00
Cappucino 2.95 3.45 3.95
Americano 1.75 2.50 3.25
Red Eye 2.25 2.50 3.95
Espresso single 1.50 double 2.50  
Macchiato 2.50 one size    









Hot Chocolate $1.75   $2.50  $3.25

Mint Chocolate $2.00      $3.00     $4.00

Caramel Chocolate $2.00      $3.00      $4.00

Almond Roca Chocolate $2.00     $3.00      $4.00

Raspberry Chocolate $2.00     $3.00      $4.00


All of the food at the Gypsy Joynt Cafe begins as an idea on paper. Our mom, we call her “honey”, dreams up some of the craziest concepts. Whether it’s a burger that she wants to put grape salsa on or an olive-oil based pizza that she loads up with fresh strawberries, shrimp, caramelized onions, fresh mozzarella, spinach and our very own yunioshi sauce, our Honey can take a colorful idea and…..”POOF!” It’s magic on your plate! We have a very extensive menu that Gordon Ramsey would chop in half immediately! BUT, with a line out the door, our mom has successfully drawn people from all over seeking out item-after-item of her carefully thought through ingenious designs. When in doubt of what to order, just close your eyes and point! We guarantee you a tasty experience.

It takes each and every one of us to light up The Gypsy Joynt. We all have a specific role to play. For Honey, she devotes herself to the taste buds. She is the back bone of the restaurant constantly creating unbelievable dishes for the indulgence of our returning customers. Poppy, our dad, stands by his woman! He joins forces in the kitchen, alongside Merry and Ryan, making sure that the plates going out of the kitchen match the blueprint design given to him by Honey. Kaitlin spends her days with sugar and chocolate up to her elbows. She takes recipes passed down to her from Honey and our grandma, Mimi, and brings them to life with a decadent, modern twist. Jordan is our “music man.” He manages the night life. Bringing in bands from all over, including Kinobe from Uganda, The Pine Leaf Boys from Louisiana and many local artists as well. When Jordan gets on stage with his band “Jordan Weller and the Feathers”….WATCH OUT!! It’s a show you don’t want to miss. Hayley is our main bartender. She has the most schooling out of all of us and she spent it learning how to serve the perfect drink. Don’t cross her and Evangeline when they are behind the bar! They are a force to be reckoned with. Braedan is the one you will pass on the road when you are headed to The Gypsy Joynt. When the weather is nice Braedan can average at least 40 miles a day on his road bike. We don’t expect much out of him now, being the youngest, but his day is coming! BOY is it coming!! When it comes to the babies, make sure you don’t step on them when you go to pour yourself a glass of water! The babies believe that the restaurant is their home…and it is! And for the Gypsy Joynt Clothing Co. we each take part making sure the store is stocked with plenty of clothing and accessories reflecting each one of our personalities. The store is our hobby outside of the cafe. It’s like a giant closet just for us……just kidding we’ll share!




Focaccia Sandwiches / Wraps

Gypsy Sandwiches




Supper Plates

Nibbles and Snacks

Bake Goods

Beer & Wine





Mocha Mint Chip

Coconut Almond

Mocha Raspberry


We use top of the line Italian syrups in our special coffee drinks made with pure cane sugar

Kiss Me Two Times Cappuccino: espresso, strawberry, chocolate, toasted marshmallow & milk $4.25

Gingerbread Latte or Cappuccino: $4.25

Maple Latte or Cappuccino: $4.25

Pumpkin Spice Latte or Cappuccino: $4.25

Caramel Apple Latte or Cappuccino: espresso, caramel, apple & milk $4.25

Frozen Gingerbread Mocha: espresso, gingerbread, chocolate & milk $5.00

Frozen Ice Cap Frap: $5.00

Milky Way Cappuccino: espresso, chocolate & caramel $4.25

Iced First Lady: espresso, coconut, raspberry & milk $4.25

Iced Chocolate Raspberry: espresso, chocolate, raspberry & milk $4.25

Lil’ Honey Bear Latte: espresso, vanilla, Almond Roca, Honey and Breve $4.25

Chocolate Orange Cappuccino: orange infused milk, espresso & chocolate $4.25

Hawaiian Mocha: coconut, chocolate, espresso & milk $4.25

Add additional flavors $.50


Irish Coffee: coffee, Irish whiskey, brown sugar $6.00

Vermont Coffee: coffee, rum, maple syrup, milk $6.00

Cafe Don Juan: coffee, rum, and kahlua $6.00

Comrade: espresso, vodka, kahlua $6.00

Bite of my Honey: coffee, spiced rum, Butterscotch Schnapps $6.00



Open Mic Every Wednesday 7:30pm

The Dooley Austin Band - 7/2 8pm
The veteran Berkshire folk-country-rock band featuring Bobby Sweet.

Todd & Caroline Mack CD Release 7/8  9pm
Local singer-songwriter & producer Todd Mack and his thirteen year old daughter Caroline each released new CDs.  Their band features some of the finest players in the local music scene with Rob Sanzone on guitar, Miles Lally from Bell Engine on bass, and Jason Schultheis from Billy Keane and the Misdemeanor Outlaws on drums.   

Jonathan Byrd & Anthony Da Costa - 7/9  9pm
Tom Paxton wrote of Jonathan Byrd's song "Velma:" “What a treat to hear someone so deeply rooted in tradition, yet growing in his own beautiful way."

Bell Engine w/Rob Sanzone - 7/15 8pm
Fueled by strong acoustic rhythms, funky basslines, and gorgeous harmonies, the tunes are energized, rich in scope, and seamlessly crafted. Songwriters John Clarke and Lisa Anderson both bring their distinct signatures to their songs






•          Drinks great sex on surf board sooo good and music was amazing
      by Patrick P.

•          Best homemade breads and treats.
      by Gaye W.

•          Fun, quirky, VERY popular; with high quality espresso drinks, booze and an extensive menu. All food is from scratch, sustainably sourced and organic. Local bands play in the evenings.
      by Marie-Anne S.

•          Amazing pizza
      by Erica J.

•          The upper cruster is delicious!
      by Debo R.

•          Hippies and organic foods. What a combination!
      by Jeff L.

•          Fun, funky; food fresh and creative. Pizza combos hilarious. Recommended. Sorry to say, tho, they should consider a name change. We all said it when we were kids, but "Gypsy" srsly no longer cool.
      by Lynn H.

•          Matt Turk & the gypsy joynt-such beauty :)
      by Kathleen B.

•          Line up @ the bar & order. Have you friends scout out for seats & the wait staff will call out your name when ready.
      by Tim B.

•          It's a weird name but the PMS burger is actually heaven. Try with an absolutely empty stomach (you've been warned).
      by Emilie B.

•          I don't always get salads, but when I do, I have the Gus Gus from Gypsy Joynt.
      by Rodney J.

•          MmmMm the frosting on the carrot cake is SO GOOD
      by Carolyn L.

•          Check out lovebian.com for total awesomeness
      by Lovebian D.

•          The cheesy pesto bread is really good.
      by blowuprobot

•          If you want a really good burger get the "Yo, Adrian!". One of the best sandwiches on the menu!
      by Patrick D.

•          Cows gotta die too....
      by Alfie

•          Just had a burger with sausage on it. Delicious. Get yourself some gypsy joint.
      by Alfie

•          The Meat Lover's Pizza is Amazing, Truly Mouth Watering.
      by Camille S.

•          Good music but I can talk to the person sitting next to me because it's so load :(
      by Eric F.

•          Check out the list of upcoming bands online. Heard good tunes here!
      by Jon D.