Welcome to The Gypsy Joynt Cafe!


We offer the finest, freshest, and most creative, mouth watering pizzas, sandwiches, salads, pastas, and burgers this side of the moon!! You can start at the top of the menu and bounce from item-to-item, eating something different everyday for months! Oh! … and you must try our delicious cake. And what about our cookies?! Boy, do we have cookies!! What a variety! Here at the Gypsy Joynt Cafe, we also have the creamiest, most luscious tiramisu, and the richest, most decadent brownie!! From the veggie wedgie sandwich to a “sell your soul” chocolate cookie, you can’t go wrong at the Gypsy Joynt!

Now for the crew, we are all owners, cooks, bakers, sandwich makers, singers, dishwashers, babysitters, real go-getters..well, sometimes…hmm, not so much! Oh and I forgot to mention, we are FAMILY! Come in and you will find bright, cheery, smiling faces!…well, sometimes….no, not so much. There’s a bull peering through the kitchen window..WAIT!..that’s Keith, the father and head of us all. Don’t worry, his snort is worse than his charge. Although the bull makes the best pizzas and breads EVER..he would be no where without momma! She tames the bull!! Not only does she keep us red heads in line but she has taught us all how to cook from the heart!! We have learned that momma’s main ingredient is none other than…common sense! From Texas style chili and chicken and sausage gumbo to the most delicious Italian lasagna and spaghetti, there’s always something she’s cookin’ up in the kitchen!


There is never a dull moment at “The Joynt.” Come and experience for yourself live music, starring not only musicians from all over the globe but also our friends and neighbors from right here in Great Barrington, MA. We are here not only to serve great food and host creative talents but also to just HAVE FUN!! This is not just a job to us…it’s our lifestyle. So whether you are looking to have a sweet indulgence, a kick-in-the-mouth kinda meal or just to relax and enjoy the show…the Gypsy Joynt is here to serve. We are your escape to a new kind of wonderland. And don’t forget to check out The Gypsy Joynt Clothing Company in the rear of 268 Main Street, across the street and down the block in Great Barrington.

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We Take Master Card, VISA and Discover.